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Technology Launch

Brighton helps MilliporeSigma launch durable film technology to global biomanufacturing audience. Mixed-media content library uses 3-D animation to convey high-end, innovative product attributes.


Over the last decade, many biomanufacturers adopted single-use bags to eliminate clean-ups and allow for faster changeovers to speed the drug production process. However, single-use bags put scientists at risk for leaks or breaches caused by excessive handling. Life sciences company MilliporeSigma turned to Brighton to disrupt the market with a global campaign as they took fluid management to the next level with the launch of their durable, innovative new film technology.

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Once scientists experience a materials breach, they will remain forever cautious of the vulnerable material. To restore confidence in their process, we must show “the science behind the science” to an audience who’s naturally curious and skeptical by nature.

Strategy + Execution

Brighton used a variety of channels and media to show that the new film was developed by leading plastic engineering experts and to provide a layer-by-layer glimpse of its benefits. We came up with a campaign positioning statement: “Single Use with a Safety Net.” From there, we created a library of content communicating the high-tech design and construction of the product through 3-D illustration and animation than began with a teaser video and later spanned across technical bulletins, sell sheets, presentations, social media, web content and more to showcase safety and innovation.

  • Advertising
  • Animation/Motion
  • Audio/Video
  • Design
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We have received positive feedback from leadership within the company on the campaign, but the official launch was moved back to spring of 2021. We are awaiting metrics.

That’s creativity that means business.

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