Welcome, 4-Legged Brightonians!

Brighton offers many office perks – but one of our very favorites is our new, dog-friendly office policy. We're excited to welcome our 4-legged colleagues!

Who's Canadian by birth, now lives in the U.S. and has a large fan following? No, not Justin Bieber... Mabel! Her favorite office activities include emptying her toy bin, rescuing abandoned sticks and staring out of her office to say "aye" to her 2- and 4-legged friends and admirers.

Eli enjoys rocking Brighton's business casual dress code. With the looming change of seasons, he's looking forward to swapping out his sweaters for bow ties. His perpetual case of bed head, however, is seasonless.

Wiggles — aka Wiggy La, The Wigg, Wiggs — suffers from cuteness, playfullitis and FOMO. Often seen sitting and staring from Lele's office, Wiggles has become fast friends with the other office pups. She's never met a dog or human she doesn't immediately love.

Quigley is the very smallest Brightonian, tipping the scales at 3 lbs. of canine perfection. He may be blind, toothless and have a rat tail, but he has a big personality, an even bigger heart and a surprisingly loud, birdlike voice.

Granger is a new Brightionan. At 6 months old, she's already establishing herself as "the destroyer of all toys." Her record is five tennis balls in under 15 minutes, but she's aiming to break that soon. Granger loves meeting new people and will play for hours if given the chance.

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