Keep Your Creative Campfire Burning!

Brighton art director Haily Bartlett has always considered herself a people pleaser. It’s a quality she admires about herself but one she recognizes can make her hesitant to make time for the things she really enjoys — and that can lead to burnout.  

Over time, Haily learned to avoid burnout by making time for the passion projects she enjoys. It’s an approach that she credits with helping her set boundaries and find her creative center. In turn, she feels more energized at work and better meets her personal goals, too — one of which was to lead a creative workshop to encourage others to make time for the projects that spark their own “creative sanity.”

Click below to watch a virtual 15-minute workshop, “Don’t Smother the Flame: How to Keep Your Creative Campfire Burning,” that Haily recently led at Brighton and for several St. Louis-based creative organizations. Learn why you need to make time for your own creativity and how to discover passion projects to stoke your creative fire!

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