“Frighton” Trivia: A Hauntingly Good Time

Do you know the legend of the female ghost who hisses at patrons below from a St. Louis balcony? Can you name the theme songs of every popular scary movie? Would you recognize your colleagues if their headshots were superimposed with those of notorious movie villains like Pennywise the Clown? If you’re nodding your head, you would have enjoyed Brighton’s Halloween-themed trivia (celebrated in November due to some late-October deadlines).

And if you know Brighton, you know we love friendly competition and a good theme party. This was no exception, as our second-floor office area was converted into a ghostly party venue complete with a “blood bank” bar (because pomegranate margaritas taste better when you drink them out of blood bags), fog machines and no shortage of creepy decorations.

Brightonians got into the spirit – literally – with costumes and team names that nodded to pop culture (Getting Schitt Done, a play off of Schitt’s Creek) and to the disturbing (The Dark Council of Triv-ampires). Prizes were awarded for best theme, best spread, most creative costume and, of course, highest score.

Should we be just a little scared that Tina, our president and CEO, was on a team named the “Skull Crushers?” Complete with a great logo design, of course.

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