Celebrating The “Bright Sparks” In Our Workplace

It’s an often-ignored fact: most professionals spend more waking hours with our “work families” than we do with our real families. At Brighton, we’re thankful that we spend the bulk of our time with colleagues who are smart, creative and kind.

We recently created Brighton Agency “Bright Sparks,” a quick, simple opportunity to pause and appreciate the people we spend 40+ hours a week with who go the proverbial extra mile.

Specifically, Brightonians celebrate four core values — Be Positive; Listen Twice as Much as You Speak; We, Not I; and Embrace Change. Bright Sparks are a simple gesture that have a big impact: when we see our core values in action, we fill out a card to note who and how. We then place the card in a designated jar for its respective core value. Tina, our CEO, reads several Bright Sparks for each core value when we gather biweekly for Monday Morning Mimosas (which, on a side note, is arguably the recurring meeting we look forward to the most because… champagne). Once a month, we empty the jars and display all Bright Sparks on a wall in our kitchen bistro before eventually distributing them to those recognized — and who doesn’t enjoy reading the nice things people have to say about them?

A few of our recent Bright Sparks:

Be Positive

“Jeremy is always radiating positivity, even when “asks” are challenging. He helps put others in a good mood and boosts confidence.”

“Kimball is a very positive light in the office. It was awesome of her to give 45 minutes to her coworkers to help reset and recharge with her passion for yoga.”

Listen Twice as Much as You Speak

“Leanne is willing to listen and absorb thoughts and ideas from other team members to find the best solution for the request at hand.”

“Thank you, Stu, for being a critical ear. You actively listen and consider options before you act. I find working with you exceptionally collaborative because you are careful with your words.”

We, Not I

“How can we always reach Regina… when she’s in Germany? She is a team player to all teams, always sharing helpful ways to do things better, helping with Salesforce access and emails. She does what it takes to get things done.”

“Stephanie has always encouraged me to pursue my interests, broaden my horizons and prioritize client needs. She’s a great addition to every project she works on.”

Embrace Change

“Rachel and Seth, our newest Brightonians, jumped right in to help from day one. From my lens, they have truly been flexible!”

“Brittany has kicked ass at coordinating a major tradeshow. She took a million changes in stride and led the whole team to the finish line!”

These are just a sampling of the numerous Bright Sparks we’ve collected this summer — one small way we remind ourselves to take a moment to say “thank you” to those who support us and make our day just a little “bright”er (see what I did there?).

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