Brighton Spirit Week

What does the X-Wing, charcoal drawings of serial killers and sombrero-wearing chihuahuas have in common?

Three things that you might not instinctively group together, but all made an appearance last week. Our Brighton culture is very important to us, and not even a global pandemic can stop us from working hard, with a healthy dose of fun. Therefore, last week wasn’t just the beginning of a new month (goodbye and good riddance to April!); it was also Brighton Spirit Week.  

Our Brighton Ambassadors team often plans events and friendly competitions to bring us together, and each day of the week allowed Brightonians to showcase their spirit, creativity and rather unique hobbies.

May the Fourth be with you!

From Star Wars mugs to Princess Leia buns, we showed our love of the cult classic sci-fi series —and our Microsoft Teams background reflected it.

Cinco de Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday this year— yum.

Many of us supported our favorite local Mexican restaurants, and many a margarita was consumed.

We’ve got Spirit, Yes We Do!

And a healthy amount of Brighton swag to back it up. We wore our Brighton orange with pride!

There’s a lot of collective talent at Brighton, and we appreciate each other’s creative outlets, whether it’s songwriting, photography, watercolor portraits, cooking, knitting, gardening or even drawing sketches of famous serial killers.

With so many fun activities, Spirit Week flew by! Anna’s Spirit Week shrine commemorates our daily themes.

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