Brighton Goes “Underground” With Clients and Friends

2021 Zufallig Party Features Street Art, Live Music and More

Zufallig (adj.) German. Translation: Random; fortuitous.

Agency life moves fast – but Brightonians take a short break each fall to celebrate our clients, colleagues and work at our annual (legendary) Zufallig party.

By definition, the annual party features seemingly random fun, but each has a unique theme. This year, we invited our agency friends and family to join us as Zufallig went “Underground” with a live art installation, fortune teller, breakdancer, street performers, bucket drummers – and of course, great food and drinks, music and games.

No, these aren’t Brighton art directors engaged in a heated logo-design competition – these artists painted a one-of-a-kind mural as Brightonians and friends partied around them.

This setting only looks like a sultry jazz club –it’s actually Brighton’s patio, which went “Underground” for one beautiful September evening. (Our office neighbors may be glad this isn’t an everyday thing.)

These partygoers aren’t very, very small – this Jenga game is very, very large! Because we’re a little competitive and we love a good party game.

Even more than the frivolity and fun, we enjoyed spending an evening catching up and laughing with those who make “The Business of Creativity” so rewarding, every day.

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