At Home on the Range

Brighton creative director shadows renowned wildlife photographer

From our dog-friendly office to our flexible environment and biweekly happy hours to paid sabbaticals, Brightonians enjoy a number of unique agency perks. One of our favorites is an annual, paid training stipend that allows employees to take a class, attend a seminar or participate in a training session that sparks creativity.

As an avid photographer, it was no surprise that Steve Cox, creative director - brand identity, opted to use his 2022 stipend to sharpen his photojournalism skills. He just returned from a trip to Montana, where he shadowed professional wildlife photographer John Hafner for three days on the National Bison Range.

“We captured plenty of images of bison, elk, antelope, coyote and an occasional bird of prey, but the sunrise and sunset — the ‘golden hour’ — shots were the most sought,” Steve shared. “Morning frost on the terrain and animals feeding or chasing prey through the golden light are prized images. The training is one of the best perks I’ve had in my 30-plus-year career.”

Check out a few of our favorite shots.

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