WestBred Wheat

Marketing Campaign

Old habits die hard. Before our campaign, farmers insisted on saving seed from season to season as a means to save money. We were challenged to cut through the clutter with disruptive creative that would support retailers in changing this perception to improve sales of new, WestBred® certified varieties.


Traditionally, wheat growers replant their wheat seed each year in the belief that they will save on seed costs — but they don’t factor in the hidden costs of saved seed. WestBred® wheat, a wheat company that sells Certified Seed, needed to change grower behavior to improve sales performance and grower profitability.

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We spoke with university extension specialists, who championed the value of Certified Seed. We dug through the research and met with key influencers, such as the National Association of Wheat Growers. Our analysis revealed growers believe that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


We used captivating marketing tactics that included thought-provoking direct mail pieces, point of sale, an interactive counter display, selling kit, trade show engagements, and interactively enabled and animated calls to action for mobile devices through an app. From YouTube snack-sized videos to interactive tools, we gave suppliers all the tools they needed to start conversations and influence purchasing decisions."Clock Out""Stick It""Crush It""Blast Off"‍

  • Advertising
  • Paid Search/Social
  • Email Marketing
  • UI/UX
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The campaign was a huge success in establishing dealer conversation:Sales increased by 6%WestBred wheat sales of Certified Seed in the target area continue to grow, and seed suppliers reported a higher rate of questions and conversations about Certified Seed in the field96% of suppliers displayed the Save Yield, Not Seed kit2017 engagement with online Certified Seed information and videos reached nearly 1,000 hits, which is 4 hits per sales kitRelated PR efforts secured over 2.6 million media impressions‍

That’s creativity that means business.

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