Roundup Ready Xtend

Brand Repositioning

There’s nothing that in-tune strategy, bold creative and a multi-season, national testimonial initiative can’t do to overcome a tough industry reputation. Here’s how the Brighton team collaborated with our client to drive results for their brand — and their business.


The Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System was launched in a highly regulated environment, and while adoption had been relatively high, there were concerns. Historically, glyphosate-tolerant weeds were becoming a growing problem. Going into 2017, we were shifting from an educational message strategy for the launch to a promotional strategy to continue to grow the brand despite concerns.

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We knew farmers listen to other farmers, and farmers need to be confident and take control. Through our relationships with farmers and our direct intel into their concerns about off-target movement, we developed a new approach that was both sensitive to grower concerns and also instilled confidence. We developed a campaign that leveraged the farmer voice and their success with the herbicide.


We used testimonials to increase confidence and drive brand reputation. Success would come from reaching growers where they were, across many different platforms. We built a campaign that would cross TV, radio, social, online, tradeshows, print and face-to-face trainings, carrying the grower voice and confidence into every messaging communication channel.Testimonials were shot and edited across the country and evolved from long-form videos to shorter, more geographically targeted videos to work across digital and TV. Snack-sized shareable content was key to providing the touch points necessary for confidence to spread socially.

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Grower voices helped extend market share.Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® trait share rose from 46% in 2018 to 53% in 2019, which significantly surpassed LibertyLink® trait share90% brand recall and 60% likely to use the product from the “This Is My Field” print ad108,857,093 total traditional media impressions in 2019, up from 32,904,343 total traditional media impressions in 201858% video view rate on 1M+ testimonial impressions on TV and YouTube (as of January 2019)3,049 certified applicator certificates issued in 2019 compared to 1,320 certified applicator certificates issued in 2018‍

That’s creativity that means business.

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