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Understanding that harvest results directly affect farmer purchasing decisions, we developed a sophisticated marketing automation platform that communicated local results to farmers more efficiently to increase seed purchases while also saving our client marketing production dollars.


Harvest is the most critical time to influence a farmer’s seed purchase decisions, and harvest results are often a key factor in the decision-making process. We needed to develop a way to quickly and efficiently communicate this information to farmers for our client, Bayer.

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We knew farmers must get smarter about their operations every season, so in 2011 we created a revolutionary automated tool called Reaper that enabled Bayer to deliver targeted, localized harvest results directly to farmers. With farming and technology continuously evolving, we would have to also continue to enhance this tool to remain relevant. We did this by listening to farmers and providing them with more meaningful, compelling data every year.‍


We took feedback from farmers about what was the most relevant harvest information as well as what else they wished they knew and coupled this with our intimate knowledge of the Reaper tool in order to coordinate with the Bayer IT team to design new solutions that continue to enhance the impact of harvest communications each season.‍

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We continue to evolve Reaper every year, refining and expanding its data set and optimizing the tool for the next harvest season. Examples include adding details about the plot’s tillage system, crop rotation, planting population and proximity to the farmer receiving the data. Customization has been enhanced to allow for promotional messaging to support cross-selling, and looking to strategically streamline marketing automation opportunities by incorporating new platforms.Survey results* validate that what we’re doing is working!In 2018, 40% of survey respondents reported that our harvest communications had quite an impact or an extreme impact on their seed purchase decisionsThe impact that our harvest communications have had on farmers’ seed purchase decisions has increased by 11% since we first measured impactA consistent trend over the years points to higher engagement (based on email open rates) when more information is delivered to email subscribers* Source: Harvest email subscriber survey results‍

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