At Brighton, all the expertise needed to deliver insightful and creative marketing solutions is under one roof. Our collaborative atmosphere allows our experts in each marketing discipline to bring ideas and experience to each project. This multi-dimensional approach translates to compelling communications and on-trend solutions that deliver results.

Brighton's integrated structure allows us to bring a variety of expertise to any marketing challenge.


Marketing solutions must be based on a solid strategic foundation. Before a campaign ever launches, market segmentation, competitive analysis and consumer insights must be integrated with your business goals to create well-founded strategies. And once it does hit the market, it not only has to grab your prospects' attention, but deliver strong, qualified leads to your business. Collaboration, not just creation, is the difference between an ad and an ad that sells. And collaboration is where Brighton excels.


Connecting consumers with brands is no longer a one-way communication effort. Today, consumers are calling the shots and engaging with brands in new ways on and offline. Each and every interaction between a consumer and a brand affects the reputation of that brand. Using a combination of customer understanding and market research, Brighton develops strategies that allow you to manage brand communications within complex environments so brands resonate and connect with consumers. Brighton builds deep partnerships with clients to better identify and market the emotional feel of your brand.


Technology continues to change and evolve, constantly creating new opportunities for marketers. Your marketing partners must be able to not only adapt to and embrace change, but also anticipate it. Your business depends on it. Brighton has a dedicated team of interactive marketing experts that deliver measurable results to clients. But our expertise doesn’t stop at that end of the building.


One third of all online activity is spent watching videos.  With the power to educate, entertain and engage all at the same time, video has become increasingly important to a brand’s marketing mix, creating powerful connections and ultimately, sales.

At Brighton, our mission is to create video content that delivers on your marketing needs.  From pre-production through post, our team of talented producers, animators, musicians, sound engineers and editors will help craft your story, on time and within your budget.


Brighton collaborates with clients to define market opportunities and challenges, from how your competitors are targeting consumers to where you have the most potential for growth. Then we align the needs of your business with the needs of your customers. At Brighton, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses. We believe that a complete understanding of your brand and your customer is the foundation upon which successful marketing solutions are built.


As an essential element in the mix of available problem-solving tools, the Brighton public relations team offers a comprehensive and integrated array of services to shape and sustain your reputation. Brighton’s approach to public relations not only involves building your brand’s visibility, but also your credibility. We position our clients as information leaders, so that the media – both traditional and social – views them as trusted, knowledgeable allies. By helping clients recognize strategic objectives, and then executing clearly defined plans, Brighton is a leader in government relations, community outreach, media relations and crisis management.


Advertising continues to be the quickest and most efficient way to reach a large audience, generating awareness and establishing brand equity. Unlike the “spray and pray” approach of the old advertising agency model, Brighton believes that effective advertising requires clarity of the communications objective, a defined advertising message and clear expectation of the desired response. Brighton's team of experienced marketers, strategists, creatives and media planners will help you create your advertising plan and then deliver advertising that works.


Promotional programs that generate results require a clear understanding of the role of promotion within the mix of any marketing campaign. Short-term promotions that drive immediate customer response or long-term repeat campaigns designed to build loyalty over time can both play important roles in strengthening the customer/company relationship. Today, every promotion must be measured and evaluated against a defined performance objective. At Brighton, we help clients define these goals, objectives and measurements, and then create the programs that deliver the desired customer response.