Brighton Agency

Life Science: From Discovery to Production

Animal health, human health and plant science all have one thing in common – research. For years our clients have worked in the forefront of life science research, pioneering techniques for global plant breeding, creating customized animal vaccines and supplying materials, tools and technical expertise to the world’s leading universities, research labs and pharmaceutical companies.

St. Louis is known as one of the centers of life science research in the U.S. and is home to a wide variety of leading companies and institutions in this space. Our team members have had the opportunity to partner with a number of them including MilliporeSigma (Sigma-Aldrich), Monsanto, Washington University, The Genome Institute, The Danforth Plant Science Center and a variety of entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators in St. Louis’ burgeoning life science startup community.

While every industry has unique communication need, marketing life science products and services may be one of the most challenging. Scientists, doctors, veterinarians and engineers have complex needs and finely honed critical thinking. As we work with scientists to understand the challenges they face, we look for ways to strike the right balance of data— to reach their analytical side — and emotion — to appeal to their sense of purpose — all with straightforward messaging in an engaging package.