Brighton Agency
Media Planning and Management

Media Planning and Management

Brighton’s in-house media planning and management team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and relationships across all media platforms to fit your marketing needs – from broadcast, out-of-home and print, to the latest in digital and mobile media. Brighton consistently creates and implements targeted campaigns that impact the hearts and minds of our target audiences. This includes building media models based on the latest industry research to predict outcomes, and then testing with post-performance, third-party research.

Our expertise includes:

  • Objectives for desired outcome
  • Planning, strategy and rationale
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Media use habits analysis by market and state
  • Mapping and modeling to predict potential outcomes
  • Buying and post-performance evaluation
  • Schedule modeling, to look at potential outcomes
  • Optimization
  • Behavioral and audience modeling
  • Mobile and place-based media
  • Search advertising & retargeting
  • Programmatic buying and real-time bidding
  • Native advertising

We approach media planning by focusing on the audience first and tailoring our tactical recommendations to the most effective media for your marketing objectives.

Brighton is an integrated marketing
and communications agency.

We firmly believe that driving change requires a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach. And we have the skillsets and experience to plan and deliver across the entire spectrum of communications.