Our passions vary. Our skills run far and wide. But our singular mutual commitment is what guarantees your success. We work collaboratively to define and execute powerful marketing solutions to grow your business. Our people and our processes focus on it. Every employee at Brighton plays a valuable role in our ability to partner with and meet the demands of our clients. Just as business challenges are diverse we have the diverse talent in place to meet those challenges. Sure we're a little quirky, but in a cool kind of way.

our leadership team:

Brighton is a partner agency in Worldwide Partners. Worldwide Partners is the world's largest network of independent agencies and is also the world's 10th largest agency network, public or private, with upwards of 90 agencies in over 50 countries. Thus, Brighton has the outreach and expertise to successfully market your company's products and services locally, regionally and worldwide.

latest company news:

“I’ve got this big blob of stuff…”

By Scott McClure on September 30, 2014 in Strategic Planning

In farm magazines popular when I was a young editor, one of the most-read features was the recipe page, with its eye-catching photo of a mouth-watering, homemade dish, followed by detailed directions to achieve the culinary masterpiece.

These recipes were anything but “10-minute” meals, typically requiring substantial time and preparation in order to achie...


A Person of the Year, a Boxer, and a Backpacker Walk into an Agency…

By Martina Boyter on September 23, 2014 in Company News

Familiar with that one? Read our Q & A’s with Bryan, Mallory and Steven to get the punch line. We are excited to welcome these three individuals to Brighton.

Bryan Perschbacher